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We’ve had coaches, therapists and psychotherapists who have been facilitating some of the world’s best modalities for up to 25 years, who are successful, yet were STILL SEARCHING for what they knew, intuitively, was the missing piece when it came to providing their FEMALE CLIENTS the kind of DEEP and LASTING RESULTS that they wanted and deserved. MIND YOU, we've had women come in with zero experience BUT THEY LOVE personal development and helping women.

Like these Entrepreneurs, have you also noticed this problem in regard to lasting results for women? 

 Sadly, Women often feel they've failed their clients and think it must be something THEY'RE doing wrong ... but what if it's not?

These experts explain how their own internal conflict stripped away their confidence

Women who Experience Creatrix® agree it's the Elusive Missing Piece

We all know males and females are different yet no one has bothered to investigate this further with regard to how those differences affect the OUTCOMES that women achieve when it comes to their mental and emotional health.

You’ve probably tried the best modalities, a lot of our Facilitators have, and yet THEY noticed the SAME ISSUES that they had PREVIOUSLY worked on, would come back eventually (usually within 18 months) and be the real reason WHY they (and their clients) wouldn’t follow through in what they “knew” they “should” do.

Maz found the SAME PROBLEM As well

After working with hundreds of clients, her FEMALE clients would come back with the SAME issues that they had already paid to resolve, and that just didn’t seem fair, because she noticed this wasn't the case with her male clients. That didn’t sit right with her and led her down the rabbit-hole to find an answer to the question, “WHY was that the case?” 

She looked at HOW males and females are different, and when studying epigenetics (inherited unresolved trauma responses) it hit her like a tonne of bricks!

Epigenetics PROVES that past stresses and traumas are passed on from generation to generation in our DNA

And for that to occur, you need a uterus.

Just like science only realised AFTER the fact that the spool around the DNA played an important role in how a cell behaved, Maz hypothesised that the uterus must play just as important a role when it comes to passing on the epigenetic patterns and cycles throughout the generations.

Epigeneticists believe, like most therapists are taught, that we get 50% from the mother and 50% from the father, but in truth when those two cells come together they can be entirely manipulated in utero, during gestation, influenced by the stresses and experiences of the pregnant mother. 

From 1 cell we become up to 100 trillion cells, “bathing” in the mother’s “stress cortisol blends” which then add to the epigenetical influence from the mother and the father. Therefore, the female is the larger contributor because of the goings on within the pregnant mother’s uterus. 

One day, just as science realised how important the spool surrounding the DNA actually is, Epigeneticists will realise the importance of studying the uterus as the “engine room & driver of it”, being what they missed. The engine room of genetics is inside of us, so must breaking free of epigenetic (inherited pre-disposition to experience life events, Stresses and traumas.) cycles for women, include being able to suspend our entire bloodline belief system? It seems so...

 What's been entirely missed in our industry and in the design of modalities, is identifying that the UTERUS is the ENGINE ROOM of EPIGENETICS, the ignorance of which, means females revert.

Watch as Maz Schirmer explains..

Creatrix® is the ONLY FEMALE FORMULATED modality

... that has been completely formulated on the SCIENCE of true EPIGENETICS - The bloodline 'clearing' Modality (rather than the “concept” of epigenetics that many modalities lay claim to)

Maz also hypothesised that women must access a different realm of consciousness to men, that knows how to “run” the uterus (something men don’t need to know because their bodies are not designed to have babies).

Because most modalities were created or came about through basic understandings that originated from a MALE BRAIN PERSPECTIVE, they could never have realised this missing link. It was always going to take a woman to uncover this element.

Many modalities claim that if you change a belief you've changed epigenetics, BUT in women the changes don’t last because the learnings and wisdom are not coming from the unconscious realm of information that the “engine room” of epigenetics (the uterus) knows.

Creatrix® was designed with the understanding that we CANNOT assume to know what our client’s bloodline has experienced throughout the 1000’s of generations of accumulated unresolved traumas.

Guru’s everywhere tell us that we have everything we need inside us to be happy. Only your client can access THEIR OWN unconscious realm of information. The wisdom and learnings gained through the Creatrix® process comes from this realm and addresses where the issue began, EPIGENETICALLY

So the only way to break a female through her blocks in such a way that you are entirely changing her epigenetic destiny, is to ensure her UTERUS BRAIN is completely engaged in not just the healing and wisdom (that must be accessed at a deep unconscious level) but in navigating to the ROOT CAUSE of where this woman’s problem originated in the bloodline (eg: it could have been 1,721 generations ago where that ancestor had a traumatic event at the age of 8 years, 41 days and 10 hours old, and that trauma has been passed epigenetically though the DNA ever since). 

Why not Monetise your own Personal Development And Healing journey learning to deliver what actually works for you!

We are seeking women to become facilitators of Creatrix® because the Un-Institute of Women is on a mission to truly set 10 million women's hearts free in a way that entirely breaks her cycle, fast, safely and for good - GUARANTEED!

Your client will never have to pay again, for the SAME issue.

 Creatrix® has Stood the Test of Time in Testing Phase

Creatrix® is so thorough we’re able to offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE that our female clients' issues, based on her current triggers, will NEVER come back. Where else!

How Long Does Creatrix® Last?

Maria felt like she was "just existing and not participating" in her life

Ari would get caught up in a "cycle" that led to self-criticism

Sounds too good to be true ... doesn't it!

We know, because we talk to thousands and thousands of practitioners, psychologists, healers, coaches and therapists, that this all sounds too good to be true, and they can dismiss our claims because of that limiting belief (and a few other industry beliefs such as “you’re always a work in progress” and “healing is slow”) ...

But if being able to guarantee results is something you value, make an enquiry and let us show you how it IS possible.

Learning Creatrix® will allow you to offer GUARANTEED RESULTS for your female clients, AND give you a unique “edge” so your business stands out from the crowd. This is literally because it's a self breakthrough, as a woman is not only the student, but the teacher within Creatrix®.

Ok so we had to go gentle on your fathom-ability, easing you in, showing you evidence, but we probably should prepare you for the latest discovery to come from our trials. It's that it turns out Creatrix® is a 'framework' that is about to become the framework for many modalities. The female 'suite' of modalities. EXCITING TIMES, EXCITING FOR THE BILLIONS OF WOMEN ON THE PLANET.

This means, get accredited NOW, and you'll be on the cutting edge with us, on what is even blowing our minds. It's more than an unblocking tool, it's tapping a woman into 'education' (wisdom produced by the unconscious mind that runs the uterus, the epigenetic and genetic engine room). It's pure, profound, whole, integrative, personalised and  undeniably transformational that it's impossible to return to sabotaging perceptions.

So it can be used for almost anything. Powerful beyond even our comprehension, and yet we witness the results and possibilities daily. Join the revolution of women leading the entire industries of personal development and psychology for women!

Experts comparing their most powerful modalities to Creatrix®

TimeLine Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Psychology, Counselling, EFT, Reiki, Kinesiology

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Marilyn (Maz) Schirmer is founder of Un-Institute of Women® where she's un-suppressing women. She was a Master NLP Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner, Level 2 Hypnotherapist and Women’s Business Coach and an Executive Senior Sales Director (for 20+years)..

From a very young age Maz experienced abuse … physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually. And it was something that seemed to be a very deeply ingrained pattern in her family with her mother, grandmother and, despite her best efforts for it to NOT happen … her children, all experiencing the same things.

At 32, Maz was on the run for the hundredth time trying to escape her abusive ex. The system had abandoned her. She was completely on her own, with 4 young children to care for. This was when she had her first wake-up call … the kind of wake-up call that turns your life around on a dime and you’re never the same again.

She went on to create 3 multi-million dollar companies, training thousands of women every year. 

So how does a destitute and dis-empowered, unemployed, single mother of 4 living in hiding, bunkered down for more than 400 days, afraid for her life and the lives of her children, do that? 

Watch Maz being interviewed where she shares her gutsy, true story

Maz shares the 3 Pivotal Moments that led to the development of Creatrix®, that now has Transformologists, setting women's hearts free in 23 countries, and growing!


  • Recognises that your FEMALE CLIENTS (and you) tend to REVERT BACK to the SAME NEGATIVE and CYCLIC PATTERNS within 18 months

  • ​Wants to help your clients get even BETTER RESULTS in a way that delivers SAFE, GUARANTEED, LASTING OUTCOMES (because you can sometimes feel morally compromised when taking a woman’s payment to receive help on an issue she’s already paid you to get rid of)

Then Creatrix® is the MISSING PIECE that you’ve been searching for


When you book a call, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • FREE ACCESS to Maz's comprehensive masterclass on Female Psychology that has been put into simple language so you can understand your female clients better and provide them with a more "tailored" service (valued at $97)

  • FREE TICKET to watch the Hollywood docu-drama "IMPACT" (the Life Coaching Movie), featuring Creatrix®

"A 'Heart Reset' needs to happen BEFORE mindset can take hold, for women." ~ Maz Schirmer

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